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Sun City, Arizona 85351

Our Community

A Community with Friends

Residents at Royal Oaks make it their personal mission to get new residents "in the groove" right away. Whether it's reaching out to you for a meal in one of our dining venues, inviting you to join in a yoga class, or encouraging participation in one or more of our myriad of volunteer activities, Royal Oaks residents embrace new friendships.  Sign up for a lecture or class through Learning Tree, our lifelong, on-campus "university" and you'll enrich your mind and grow new friends! Check out our blog to get to know us even better.



We offer four Lifecare contract types: Type A non-refundable, Type A 90% refundable, Type A 50% refundable, and Type B 90% refundable. Fees include a one-time entry fee and a monthly service fee. These fees entitle you to live in your selected home, customized to your likes, and enjoy all the amenities of the community. If you would ever need assisted living, memory care, or long-term complete supportive living, those services are available to all Type A Lifecare residents for no increase in your monthly fee. A Type B Lifecare contract includes a discounted rate for higher levels of care. Your  can assist in helping you determine what may be the best contract for your personal situation. Call 623-815-4132 for more information.

Royal Oaks owns and maintains all residences, freeing you from that burden so you can travel, volunteer, work out, visit family, socialize, and enjoy these active years. Your home is uniquely yours when you move to Royal Oaks. Choosing from our wide array of options in our Design Center and adding your own custom and personal touches, you can create a home that reflects your style of comfort and life.

The Illingworth Assisted Living Center, the Friendship House for memory care, and the Care Center for Complete Supportive Living are each available to non-residents on a monthly fee basis. Phone 623-815-4132 for more information. You may also want to download this checklist to use when comparing assisted living centers.



Nutritious and delicious dining. Wellness and fitness programs. Nearly unlimited social programs and activities. Maintenance, housekeeping, and laundry. Transportation to health care providers and shopping.

These services and more contribute to increased longevity for residents at Royal Oaks. People who are socially active, intellectually stimulated, incorporate fitness at a comfortable level, take a proactive approach to wellness, and eat nutritious meals live independently longer.

Our promise to our residents is to help each and every one maintain lifelong independence. We take care of you so you can enjoy living at Royal Oaks. Come here... and have fun!


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Royal Oaks Lifecare Community
10015 W. Royal Oak Rd.
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About Us

Royal Oaks Lifecare, a financially sound retirement community, started as a dream of Dr. J. Davis Illingworth and Mr. Roe Walker. In the winter of 1983, Royal Oaks opened its doors. Through the years, Royal Oaks has made improvements, built new structures, and acquired additional land. The 38-acre campus includes 258 Independent Living Apartments, 102 Independent Living Garden Homes, 59 Assisted Living apartments, a 56-suite Memory Care Center and a 57-suite Complete Supportive Living building for gracious long-term-care assistance.

Royal Oaks is home to approximately 600 residents and maintains a strong and stable financial standing. We have a net worth of over $25 million. Royal Oaks is one of only a handful of communities across the nation that has received an "A" rating from Fitch Ratings, a global credit rating agency.

A tremendous tax benefit is provided to seniors when entering a Life Plan Community/CCRC. Since the IRS recognizes campuses like ours as medical facilities, Lifecare residents are allowed to deduct a certain percentage of the Entrance Fee AND Monthly Service Fee as medical deductions. The percentage is substantial for our residents--the Royal Oak representative will be able to elaborate. We encourage incoming residents to get financial advice on how best to take advantage of this benefit, based on your personal situation. This article from Smart Money magazine may be of interest.

Royal Oaks is a non-profit and residents are assured their fees will come back to them during their life stay. These promises are also backed by the People of Faith Foundation, Inc. which holds over $15 million in investment assets. The reserves are set aside to ensure that no resident, who through no fault of their own becomes unable to make their monthly service fee payment, would be asked to leave. This is an astounding promise, and it has been kept for thousands of Royal Oaks' residents for nearly three decades.


Royal Oaks residents swim with dolphins, travel with elephants, and visit Wrigley Field--through Virtual Reality

Posted: 8/31/2018

Always looking for ways to enhance resident experiences, Royal Oaks' Life Enrichment team now has the ability to transport residents to all corners of the world, allowing them to swim with the dolphins, feed elephants, see the excitement at Wrigley Field, "travel" down the street where they once rode their bicycle as a child, and much, much more. All done through our new Rendever Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. And a side benefit? A tool for pain management.

This is a great tool for staff/resident engagement," explains Dina Capek, Director of Health Services. "We aim to build strong bonds with all our residents and through VR, we get to experience something new together with them. If residents can't travel, we'll bring the world to them. Plus, studies have shown a link between VR and pain management."

Less than a month after introducing this new activity to our residents, the stories are pouring in from the staff members helping residents explore our big world:

A resident who loves elephants, whose room is decorated with the creatures, put on the headset with the video of the elephants walking. She squealed with delight when the mammoth mammals seemed near enough to touch. I have not seen a smile so bright!

One of our residents is from Chicago, as am I, and knew which street he lived on. Through the headset, he saw the neighborhood he lived in and has not seen in over 30 years. He saw so clearly the streets and the high school across from his home, as they are today. A Cubs fan, he "traveled" virtually Wrigley Field. He told stories of how he would get to the ballpark on the train, and got in to see the game for three cents.

A resident from Ireland was being introduced how to use the headsets and was watching a travelogue of his beloved home country. As he watches the scenery and various landmarks that he comes to in the VR experience, he is telling the staff the distance and location of these magical places and as he is doing so, the information on the staff screen is exactly as he said. He was right on with his facts and could have been the tour guide himself. Once an Irishman, always an Irishman!

One of our ladies that founded a cat rescue was completely engaged in the video about puppies. Her hands were reaching out to pet them as she was immersed in the experience. This also produced great conversation about past family pets and before long everyone was counting, petting the pups, with heads darting left to right. You could tell by the smile on her face that her love of pets and founding a rescue was something she considered as one of her greatest accomplishments.

Another story to share is a one-to-one session I had with a resident. He was feeling blue, not wanting to attend usual activities, so I brought the VR headset to his room. We explored on Google Maps the back roads and open fields near where he grew up. He reminisced about walking some of those dirt roads with his twin brother. Before long, he was back to his usual self as we reminisced fondly about growing up in rural areas.

Swimming with the turtles, traveling to space, and even riding a jet plane through the skies kept one resident amazed for hours. The two residents sitting with him were chuckling over his humorous facial expressions!

When you visit Royal Oaks, ask to experience VR for yourself! Call 623-815-4132 to arrange a tour.

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