5 DIY Projects for Seniors in Assisted Living

June 18, 2024

5 DIY Projects for Seniors in Assisted Living

When the summer sun reappears to bring brightness to our days, more than just gardens thrive — our creativity also flourishes. Summer is the perfect time to explore new DIY crafting projects and learn new skills. There’s more light to craft by and an abundance of natural materials available, not to mention something special about completing a project in the great outdoors. 

At Royal Oak, we understand how DIY projects can help sharpen the mind and keep the body active. That’s why we offer a diverse range of activities and clubs designed to foster creativity and community spirit. Read on to discover why summer at Royal Oaks is a great season for crafting, as well as ideas to inspire you and keep you busy. 

The Benefits of Summer Crafting

Summer brings extended daylight hours, providing lots of natural light — perfect for crafting projects with intricate details. Additionally, the warmer weather means you can enjoy crafting sessions outdoors, whether you’re on the patio, in the park or under a shady tree. Summer’s colorful palette might also inspire you to try your hand at a new craft, such as watercolors or flower pressing. 

Scrapbooking: Preserving Memories

Do you remember scrapbooking when you were a child? Perhaps you still have your old scrapbooks filled with ticket stubs, photos and other treasures. Scrapbooking is a fantastic way to capture the vibrant memories of summer. Making scrapbooks is more than just pasting pictures on a page. It’s a way to personalize your memories using varied colors, textures and embellishments. 

At Royal Oaks, we offer regular scrapbooking sessions, providing a space for residents to share materials, ideas and stories. This activity stimulates the mind and preserves precious moments so they can be enjoyed for years and generations to come. 

Mason Jar Crafts: Full of Surprises

Mason jar crafts are a hit for their simplicity and versatility. Some jars display twinkling lights on warm summer nights while others serve as vases for fresh garden flowers. These jars offer endless possibilities and inspiration and make wonderful ornaments and gifts. We hold regular mason jar workshops to guide you through various techniques. From painting and decoupage to candle making, there’s much more to a mason jar than storing food. 

Painting Rocks: Art in the Garden

The delicate art of rock painting has become increasingly popular over the years — and for good reason. This hobby is one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to create something special that adds a splash of color to any home or garden. Find a smooth rock with a flat surface or interesting shape, get out your paints and let your imagination run wild. Whether you keep your masterpiece or hide it somewhere for others to find is up to you. Painted rocks make beautiful doorstops, as well as pathway markers to add interest to residential and community gardens. 

Pressed Flowers: Beauty and Creativity in One

The craft of flower pressing originated centuries ago in Japan and has since gained popularity worldwide. Today, the methods remain largely the same and the results can be nothing short of stunning. If you don’t have access to a traditional flower press, you can get the same results by placing your flowers between the pages of a heavy book. Daisies, daffodils and roses work particularly well and are in abundance during spring and summer.

Flower pressing is a wonderful art in itself but also a good excuse to get out into the great outdoors to track down flowers, leaves and petals. The art of pressing flowers is both beautiful and meditative, something we recognize here at Royal Oaks. Our residents can take part in workshops to learn this delicate craft (and others) and how to make elegant bookmarks, greeting cards and framed art?

Making Greeting Cards: A Personal Touch

Creating handmade greeting cards is not just a craft — it’s a personal touch that really shows you care. Whether you’re crafting a card for a birthday, a thank you note or just a simple hello, a handmade card is a special way to communicate thoughtfulness. Why not learn skills such as stamping, flower pressing or calligraphy alongside card-making to create truly one-of-a-kind masterpieces?  

Discover Hidden Talents at Royal Oaks

A variety of charming and inspiring DIY projects is available to our residents at Royal Oaks. Our community provides a packed schedule of classes and activities. We also run an Art Club as part of our Learning Tree Lifelong Learning program. 

Engaging in these types of activities enriches your daily life and allows you to make meaningful connections. What’s more, you might discover talents and interests you never knew you had. As the days get longer and nature thrives, there is no better time to discover new hobbies and revive old passions. 

Join Us at Royal Oaks

If you’re ready to explore your creative potential and make the most of the summer season, we’d love to show you everything that Royal Oaks has to offer. Whether you’re interested in joining a craft club or simply meeting new friends who share your interests, our residents enjoy a welcoming community and a packed schedule of clubs and activities

At Royal Oaks, you’ll find a wide range of services and opportunities tailored to enhance your well-being in a community that values creativity and connection. Contact us today by calling 623-208-6621 to learn more and schedule a visit.

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