Your Living Style, Made Even More Spectacular.

Residents enjoying time together in the pool at Royal Oaks Retirement Community

Some communities like you to fit into a certain style. At Royal Oaks, you choose how to live. That’s the way it should be. Here, an ethos that is inviting and casual makes it easy to be your unique self. Whether you are adventurous, energetic, curious, home-centered, or somewhere in between, you’ll feel completely at home. The whole point is to enjoy your life to the fullest: worry-free, maintenance-free, engaged, supported, empowered. Learn More About The Amenities And Services For You

Dining For Every Taste And Mood.

There’s nothing like the type of socializing and relaxing that comes from sharing a meal. Each experience can match the occasion, and your mood. Elegant fine dining. A casual get-together. A snack by the pool. Take out. Dine in. Market fare. Meet your neighbors. Eat with new friends. Have the family over. Entertain the grandkids.

More Connected For Better Living.

When most people think of innovative retirement living, they may think of residences that are equipped with smart-home technologies. We lead in this. But our application of technology-enhanced living goes well beyond that. It embraces everything, from how we treat our grounds and environment, to how we communicate, to how you connect and explore more easily and expand your own living possibilities.

Embracing Your Hobbies, Interests And Passions.

Where can you do what you love, in the company of others who love it too? It’s all here, on campus. No matter your interest, chances are you’ll find a club, group or activity to join. Or maybe you’ll find something new that captures your imagination. Woodcarvers, artists, crafters, enthusiasts of all types and simply those who want to explore, all find a welcoming place to do what makes them happy.

Contributing For A Better Society.

One of the surest ways to enrich your own life is to help enrich someone else’s. Our residents have big hearts. They have a wider perspective of what it means to live life to the fullest. And often, that includes giving back to those in need, to the community, to society at large. At Royal Oaks, we realize we are in a position to help improve conditions for our fellow man. Nothing makes us, and our residents, happier than to be able to do that.

Here’s To Your Health And Wellness.

In retirement, your health and wellness are everything. That’s why we embrace a holistic approach to your total well-being; so you can live your best life. Maybe you’d like to strength train using the latest equipment. Or swim laps. Jog or walk a trail. Or maybe play any number of Wii® fitness games. Also on site is our drop-in Wellness Center, making it easier than ever for you to stay healthy with convenient on-site medical and therapeutic services.

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Perhaps the best way to explore what Royal Oaks retirement living really means is to learn directly from those who know us best.
Each member of our leadership team brings years of high-level experience, and several more years at Royal Oaks. They are genuine, caring, and their go-to method of operation is to go above and beyond — every time.