Attentive And Uplifting. Dignified And Gracious.

Nurse ready to work at Royal Oaks Memory Care Center

Memory Care at Royal Oaks is a very special type of care, from the surroundings in which it is delivered, to our compassionate, specially-trained caregivers who provide it.

The support at Eleganta Pointe is thoughtfully structured and tailored to each individual. We deliver the right level of care in a safe and secure environment to promote cognitive and life-task functioning, and growing self-esteem.

You will find memory support at Royal Oaks not only recognizes the needs of residents, but the hopes and desires of families and loved ones. In fact, for over 30 years, we’ve provided innovative care that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of those with memory loss and their families.

Outside exterior of the front of the memory care center

Reassuring. Trusted. Home-Like. Confidence-Boosting.

Residents quickly develop trust and friendships with their caregivers, as they feel a growing confidence in their own living abilities, explore activities, and engage with family members and other residents.

The physical environments of the care experience are carefully designed. Residents feel a sense of openness, optimism, and freedom, created by high ceilings, plenty of light, space to roam indoors and out, and an advanced monitoring system.

Home living spaces at Eleganta Pointe are comforting, calming and reassuring, with easy-to-use kitchens and living rooms, private rooms, and private bathrooms.

Nursing stations are unobtrusively located between neighborhoods, enabling us to provide immediate support while preserving the area’s natural beauty and feeling of home.

Through consistent care and positive experiences, those with memory loss are empowered to be active, happy, healthy — and to live their best lives.

All levels of care and support services at Eleganta Pointe are also available to non-lifecare residents on a monthly fee basis.

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The exceptional nature of the Eleganta Pointe Memory Care Center began at the very start, winning the 2016 Leading Age/Arizona award for Innovation in Environmental Design.