Changing Lives, And Having Fun Doing It.


A primary reason Royal Oaks is the special place it is, is due to our amazing residents. Those who choose to live here are eager for a lifestyle that is vital and larger than life. They not only look inward to personal development and enjoyment, but look outward to embrace a larger perspective.

Every day, our volunteers contribute within and outside our community. They enjoy helping a variety of organizations and their staffs, meeting new people as they assist other volunteers who are engaged in good work. The choice is always yours as to where, when, and if you volunteer.


There Are Many Rewards
To Volunteering

Perhaps the most important reward is that the experience itself is intrinsically fulfilling. Research shows that those who give of themselves are happier, healthier, more social, more creative, live in gratefulness, and serve as an inspiration to others.

There Are Many Opportunities
To Be Amazing.

You can choose to participate in volunteer programs at Royal Oaks, helping your neighbors and friends. Or perhaps you’d like to go out into the surrounding community to volunteer at local hospitals, hospices, food banks, thrift shops, churches, community centers, and beyond. Whatever your choice, we are proud and ready to make it happen.

Our residents who volunteer come from all walks of life. They are nurses and doctors, musicians and dancers, engineers and managers  — and everything in between.

Each one of us has a talent we can share, even if we don’t realize it. You can give your time, talent, energy, interest, support, or enthusiasm — all are special and all are welcome.

Volunteer Opportunities Icon
Volunteering Opportunities

One More Thing.

We are so very thankful for our senior volunteers. You are the heart of Royal Oaks. We appreciate, and are inspired by, your spirit.

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