Give Back and Get Back.

Royal Oaks and its community members are passionate about giving back. Our residents are amazing and talented people from all walks of life, and they volunteer countless hours every year both at Royal Oaks and in the surrounding community. Every day at Royal Oaks is ripe with opportunity to get out and do or simply kick back and relax. The choice is always yours.

We Appreciate our Vibrant Senior Volunteers and Are Proud of Their Accomplishments.

Senior volunteers are the heart of Royal Oaks. We are truly grateful for our volunteers and for their generous gifts of time, talents, energy, skills, interest, support and enthusiasm. Through Royal Oaks’ volunteer programs, their contributions are essential to the success and desirability of our community as we work together to provide engaging, inspired and vibrant retirement living.

Our Senior Volunteers.

Royal Oaks residents volunteer countless hours throughout the year. They come from all walks of life with an amazing variety of experiences and backgrounds. They are mothers, fathers, grandparents, veterans, lawyers, nurses, doctors, clergy, writers, journalists, musicians, artists, crafters, dancers and so much more. They are individuals with remarkable and diverse skills, interests and abilities. Retirement has not stopped them from using their talents; on the contrary, they have managed to find creative and engaging ways to sharpen their minds and contribute in meaningful ways to the community.

In addition to participating in Royal Oaks volunteer programs, many of our residents also offer their time and talents in the surrounding community. They volunteer at local hospitals, hospices, food banks, thrift shops, churches and community centers.

We are so very proud of the selfless service provided by the senior volunteers from Royal Oaks.