The Right Support For Your Goal Of Better, Healthier Living.

Resident working with a personal physical therapist

Living your best and healthiest life is your goal. We fully embrace that goal. In fact, that very objective drives the services that define The Care Center Complete Supportive Living at Eleganta Pointe.

Those who reside in our Care Center neighborhood are socially active, engaged, and entertained — they are an integral part of our greater community. Healing and progress are better achieved in an energetic and involved atmosphere like this.

Residents who receive Complete Supportive Living services enjoy the complete Royal Oaks experience, with a little extra attention that is personalized to their needs.

The Center itself includes 57 private suites with private baths. In most cases, residents who are receiving therapy do not have to be transported off-site for treatment, making recuperation less challenging and stressful.

Types And Levels Of Support.
Nursing Care Icon

Nursing Care

You’ll receive expert care from nurses who are highly trained and experienced in providing care for an array of clinical medical needs.
Short Term Care Icon

Short-Term Care

This is care that is designed to get you back on your feet. It begins with a detailed evaluation of your needs and goals to create an individualized care plan. You may need a short-term stay after returning from a hospital stay or after a medical procedure.
Complete Supportive Living Icon

Long-Term Complete Supportive Living

You are in control, but may need some assistance with the activities and responsibilities of daily living. Our caregivers are there to help with personal care, daily socialization, information and education, and more. Services may include: Meal preparation, housekeeping, wellness activities, assistance with bathing and dressing, scheduling transportation, medication management and beyond.
Physical Therapy Icon

Physical Therapy

Here, our physical therapists develop and deliver treatment plans to improve mobility, reduce or manage pain, and restore function to the fullest extent possible.
Occupational Therapy Icon

Occupational Therapy

The goal of this type of therapy is to return the ability to engage in those activities and daily tasks that define your usual living.
Speech Therapy Icon

Speech Therapy

This can include exercises such as visualization techniques and therapy to increase your attention and memory, ability to form structured sentences, enhance your vocabulary and word retrieval, and improve the clarity of your speech.

Taking Convenient, First-Class,
Personalized Care To New Levels.

It has always been our mission to continue to redefine how wellness and healthcare can empower seniors to live their best lives. You’ll find our approach means continually enhancing the convenience, the scope, and the excellence of the services we offer. That ongoing commitment manifests itself in many ways, including our Wellness Center services, the soon-to-be-open Vida Center, the WellFit Team, and the Midwestern University Royal Oaks Dental Clinic.

Wellness Center Services for Independent Living (IL) include…

Nursing education and support to self-manage your health conditions and medications

Assessment and triage for more complex medical needs

Administering medications and treatments with physician orders

Coordinating your vaccinations

Monitoring your vital signs, weight, and pain levels

Providing wound care

Coordinating your lab tests

Educating you, your family, and loved ones on your disease management and care

Coordinating home health or outpatient therapy

Free delivery of tray meals (during Wellness Center stays/treatment)

Coordinating the acquisition of durable medical equipment (e.g., walkers, wheelchairs, lift chairs, etc.)

Providing support in advanced life planning

Introducing you and supporting your use of our Life Plan Tool

Delivering or coordinating transitional care after a hospital or rehab stay

WellFit Team

Your WellFit Team

The goal of our on-site WellFit team is to enable you to experience the most vibrant and healthiest version of your retirement. Led by Dina Capek, Director of Health Services at Royal Oaks, the team is dedicated to providing a variety of services and resources to promote healthy living and wellness throughout your lifespan. In line with that commitment, the WellFit team also offers a first-of-its-kind tool for your personal health and wellness journey: the Royal Oaks Life Plan Guide. The guide speaks to the Seven Dimensions of Well-Being.

In addition to on-campus health and wellness resources, our WellFit team works in conjunction with Summit Healthcare Services: the organization that specializes in transitional care management, partnering with senior communities and health service providers to deliver care that empowers longer, healthier living.

The Vida Center.

Owned by Royal Oaks, the Vida Center is our new, state-of-the-art center for medical and health-related services. It provides easy access to providers and embraces a holistic approach — which means you’ll have individualized attention for your full health and medical needs as they change throughout your life. That’s a major health and medical advantage.

Center services and providers are located throughout Royal Oaks for your maximum convenience. You’ll be able to see providers in virtually all areas of medicine and health without ever having to leave campus, and you’ll experience enhanced on-site continuity of care. Our Vida Center also works with Summit Healthcare Services, the area’s leading provider of individualized senior transitional care for physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional wellness.

Vida Center
  • Benefit from enhanced continuity of care without leaving Royal Oaks.
  • See a full-spectrum of providers for medical care… physical, occupational and speech therapies…massage…reflexology…acupuncture…chiropractic…podiatric services…dermatology…and more.
  • Enjoy a pool and aquatic environment for one-on-one therapy, small group immersion, or exercise classes.
  • Recuperate, regain function, and enhance strength and flexibility in a dedicated rehab gym.
  • Receive dental services from university-operated Midwestern University Royal Oaks Dental Clinic, just steps away from the Vida Center
  • Experience a leading-edge environment serving Royal Oaks residents, Club Connect, our staff members, family members, interested and soon-to-be residents, depositors, and clients from the greater Sun City Community.
Resident being taken care of by a help nurse at Royal Oaks

Midwestern University Royal Oaks Dental Clinic.

To keep your smile at its best, we offer the Midwestern University Royal Oaks Dental Clinic. Conveniently located on campus across from Eleganta Pointe apartments, the clinic has been a partner of our community for over a decade. It utilizes the latest technology in dental science, enabling you to receive the highest quality care at affordable prices.

The Midwestern University Dental Institute, part of Midwestern University Clinics, provides most of the same services you would receive at a private dentist’s office including dental cleanings, x-rays, fillings, crowns, bridges, extractions, and oral surgery.