Life Plan Means Peace of Mind.

Life is sweeter when you feel secure about your future. At Royal Oaks, you can play hard and sleep well, confident in knowing exceptional long-term support and services are available should you ever need them. Choosing a Life Plan Community offers the assurance of being taken care of for life, no worries about future unpredictable health costs, and a tremendous tax benefit. Since the IRS recognizes campuses like ours as medical centers, Life Plan residents can deduct a certain percentage of the Entrance Fee AND Monthly Service Fee as medical deductions. The percentage is substantial for our residents.

Full Continuum of Care

Eleganta Pointe at Royal Oaks: Quality Care – All in One Place.

Your health needs may change during your time at Royal Oaks. The breadth and depth of care and services available on campus eliminates your need to relocate or even your need to go off-site for medical appointments. Whether you are seeking independent living or require more personalized care, you will remain surrounded by your resident community and familiar staff. Friends and loved ones who live in different locations on campus can easily visit.