7 Ways Seniors Can Nurture Their Social Health

April 13, 2023

7 Ways Seniors Can Nurture Their Social Health

Although healthy social activities and a sense of connection are important for people of any age, socialization is especially valuable for people as they grow older. Research indicates that almost 25% of American seniors are socially isolated, which can result in loneliness, impact emotional or mental well-being. Check out some of these fun, social and engaging ways to combat loneliness and foster social well-being!

1. Volunteer for Various Causes
Volunteering is a way for active seniors to meet new people and build social connections while also developing a sense of purpose and having fun. It’s a great way to share your skills with others, enjoy new experiences and make a difference in the lives of others.

Volunteer opportunities may involve tasks such as providing direct services, administrative work and fundraising efforts. Seniors who enjoy helping their peers can volunteer with their local Senior Medicare Patrol, a national program that educates older adults about health care billing fraud and scams. AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP operates diverse programs in many parts of the country. Also consider connecting with organizations throughout your community, including local libraries, police departments, schools and charities.

2. Maintain Connections Online
Keeping in touch with loved ones is a great way to lift your spirits and relieve loneliness. If you’re unable to spend much in-person time with friends and family members, make an effort to communicate by telephone or online to stay connected.

Technology can make it easier to keep in touch and help you maintain distant relationships.For example, video calls let you see your grandchildren or even play and read together, offering a stronger connection than a voice call would. Online activities like group word games and quizzes are a fun way to stay in touch, while virtual meet-ups of friendship groups lend opportunities for conversation and shared laughter.

Residents at Royal Oaks can attend educational classes with the Tech-Connect group at The Hub. Here, you can learn how to make the most of your in-room Amazon Echo Show and discover how to use a range of other devices, including wearable fitness trackers, smart watches and tablets. Learning opportunities on how to use social media can open up new friendships and keep up with more distant ones..

3. Dine With Others
Sharing a meal with friends or family is a great way to build and maintain meaningful connections. As well as being beneficial for social health, dining with others can promote better overall health and nutrition simply by encouraging regular meals.

At Royal Oaks, delicious chef-prepared meals are served in the handsome restaurant-style dining room, and our Inspirata Pointe Expansion features three new dining options, offering a chance to enjoy new cuisines and atmospheres. Family and friends are welcome to join residents for meals, and private dining areas are available for special occasions.

4. Try Diverse Hobbies
Nurture your active spirit with a range of activities that pique your interests and encourage new experiences. Meeting people with shared interests can help foster new relationships, and Royal Oaks facilitates many special-interest clubs where seniors can stay connected with their passions.

Social activities like bocce ball and card games offer engaging entertainment and opportunities to mingle with acquaintances new and old. From sports, woodworking and art workshops to local history lectures and cooking lessons, residents can discover lots of ways to enjoy time with peers. Royal Oaks' dynamic activity schedule ensures there's always something fun to try.

5. Join Excursions
Excursions and outings tailored for older individuals go at a comfortable pace for seniors and account for the specialized needs of older participants. Day outings and multiday trips let seniors explore new places and enjoy new activities. Group excursions offer many possibilities for socialization, including chatting with a seat neighbor on the tour bus, eating lunch at shared tables and discovering local attractions together.

6. Keep Fit
Keeping physically active isn’t only great for overall health and fitness; it can also be a good way for seniors to meet people and socialize. Residents of Royal Oaks can use the state-of-the-art gym with their fitness buddy or join an array of classes, including yoga, aerobics and aquacise. Strolling along pathways and lush gardens at Inspirata Pointe or relaxing on loungers beside the outdoor pool lend opportunities for meaningful conversation. Casual games, such as table tennis and billiards, get people moving while chatting, and team sports can provide a sense of camaraderie and foster friendships.

7. Attend Social Events
It probably sounds obvious, but making an effort to attend planned social activities, events and organized functions can be hugely beneficial for older adults hoping to make new friends. Such events also provide new ways for existing friendship groups to spend time together, as well as opportunities to expand their circles. Royal Oaks hosts diverse social gatherings designed to break down barriers and encourage fun and mingling. Residents can enjoy ice cream socials, picnics, BBQs, concerts, theater trips, tea parties and more.

Royal Oaks offers independent living in Sun City for seniors looking to stay engaged, build meaningful connections and live an active life. Connect with our residency counselors at 623-208-6621 to learn more and schedule a tour of this vibrant life plan community.

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