Types of Retirement Communities in Arizona

October 7, 2019

Types of Retirement Communities in Arizona

Retirement communities are in abundance throughout the U.S. and particularly in Arizona. There is no right or wrong choice among the different kinds, since everyone’s needs, desires and interests are different. And as people progress through the aging journey, their wish lists change, too. Retirement communities in Arizona and beyond are often bucketed into three categories. Here’s a rundown, and an introduction to a newer kind of retirement option: the Life Plan Community.

Active Adult/Over 55 Communities

The new retiree is the market for these communities, which offer a dizzying array of activities, typically based around a golf course, and a myriad social activities to keep boredom at bay for the just-retired. In these communities, you own your home and assume all the associated costs.

Rental Retirement Communities

In a rental retirement community, you rent an apartment just as you may have done years ago. But at a rental retirement community, amenities such as utilities, maintenance, transportation to doctors, some meals, and other assorted services are provided in the monthly rental fee, which typically ranges from $3,000 to $7,000, depending on how luxurious the surroundings. If you need higher levels of health services, your fees increase to the market rate for those services. For reference, monthly fees for assisted living, memory care, or acute care range from $5,000 to $12,000 per month, depending on the level of care needed.

Life Plan Communities (also known as CCRCs)

Life Plan Communities like Royal Oaks are the “one-stop shopping” of the retirement world—a campus-like setting that offers resort-like amenities where residents live independently in well-appointed apartments or homes within a community setting. On campus are wonderful restaurants to indulge your culinary wishes, your new favorite “watering hole,” zero home maintenance, complimentary housekeeping and laundry services, activities and entertainment in abundance, wellness services to keep you active and increase longevity, and so much more. So, what are some of the top reasons people have told us why they’ve chosen a Life Plan Community like Royal Oaks?

1.Weary of maintaining their house, tired of cooking, and/or wanting the freedom to travel.

2.Predictable costs for the rest of their life: no concerns about how to pay if the “what ifs” happen.

3.Do not want to burden their children (financially or emotionally as they age).

4.Wish to leave money to their children (in a Life Plan Community, depending on the contract you select, your estate is left to your children or other designees, not spent on ever-increasing long-term care costs).

In addition to the fun and ease of life at Royal Oaks, a Life Plan Community is a good option if you value financial and personal security, which comes from the Life Care contract. Royal Oaks offers Type A (refundable and non-refundable) and Type B Life Care plans. In a “Type A” plan, as your need for care increases, your monthly fee does not. In a “Type B” or plan, your monthly fee will increase when utilizing care beyond Independent Living. Type B plans are often attractive to people who have robust long-term-care insurance.

Higher levels of care, such as assisted living, memory care, and complete supportive living (nursing) are available on Royal Oaks’ campus if our residents demonstrate a need for those services Regardless of how your health changes, with Life Care, you will be taken care of for life without having to move and your monthly costs won’t skyrocket if you need those higher levels of living. This can bring great peace of mind for you while freeing your children and grandchildren from the financial and emotional burdens that could affect their future and yours.

Evidence for the Life Plan Community lifestyle

A study published by the American Seniors Housing Association found that seniors who live in communities like Royal Oaks are more satisfied with their daily lives and are more likely to be happier and healthier than those who remain in their own homes. The study also found that the social, spiritual, intellectual, and recreational programs offered at Life Plan Communities provide seniors with many opportunities to meet new friends.

In addition, the US Department of Health and Human Services released a research paper that found that residents who live in Life Plan Communities are healthier and live longer than people who do not live in Life Plan Communities. Their analysis also found that Life Plan Community residents have less risk of disease and disability. Their research specifically noted that Life Plan Communities:

•Promote active lifestyles

•Provide good nutrition

•Support social involvement

•Encourage overall wellness

•Ensure proper medical care

•Are good for younger seniors

If maintenance-free living and the freedom to live your life without worrying about your future interest you, call 623-815-4132 for a tour and discover why thousands of residents have found Royal Oaks to be a perfect match.

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