Healthy aging for seniors: 7 ways we promote senior health and wellness

August 31, 2022

Healthy aging for seniors: 7 ways we promote senior health and wellness

Health and wellness means different things for different people, so each person’s path to a fulfilling lifestyle is as unique as they are. That’s why we provide an abundance of resources, senior health tips, and opportunities to support the highest quality of life. With our all-around approach to total wellbeing and a focus on the seven dimensions of health and wellness — physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental and vocational — our residents thrive at Royal Oaks.

1. Physical Health and Wellness:

Residents receive personalized exercise and wellness programs. There’s something for everyone with swimming and swim aerobics or yoga at ourEvergreen Fitness Center. With outdoor nature trails or indoor Wii® fitness games, residents can stay active and social at the same time.

2. Emotional Health and Wellness:

Emotional health means facing life and challenges with an optimistic and adaptable state of mind that’s calm, relaxed and open. The Royal Oaks team is always ready to help ease the stress. Everything we do is carefully planned and provided, fastidiously attended to and continually improved to optimize overall wellness. Knowing that current and future needs are taken care of offers seniors and their families peace of mind — which is key to quality of life.

3. Spiritual Health and Wellness:

Nurture the mindful and spiritual self, expand on a sense of purpose and meaning, and connect and grow in many different ways at Royal Oaks. Residents participate in mindfulness, yoga and religious clubs and groups, art classes, book clubs and a well-stocked library, resident gardens and quiet contemplation, and faith-based Bible study and Vesper opportunities at our on-site chapel. Everyone is welcome.

4. Intellectual Health and Wellness

Healthy aging means continuing to explore new ideas, to try new things and to stay engaged with all that’s happening. Curious residents can expand their horizons through The Learning Tree — a resident-run “campus” for life-long learning. Plus, there are always guest speakers, in-house concerts and movies, craft and hobby rooms, travel discussions and groups, and other amazing opportunities and activities on the schedule.

5. Social Health and Wellness

Personal relationships are a meaningful part of overall senior health and wellness. That’s why maintaining strong, healthy relationships and engaging with new friends and neighbors is priority here. From dining together to joining a volunteer group or going to a show, the lifestyle is designed to be friendly and social. We make it easy to stay connected, contribute and be an active member of the community.

6. Environmental Health and Wellness

With nature all around, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts can stop and “smell the roses” everyday if they choose. In Sun City there are parks and trails, an open amphitheater, and seven recreation centers.Within a 2-hour drive, there are beautiful state parks, the Tonto National Forest, lakes and bike paths, small towns and more. Recreation, leisure, travel, culture, the arts, shopping, dining — it’s all here waiting to be explored.

7. Vocational Health and Wellness

There are opportunities for residents to share their gifts, talents and skills with others through volunteer opportunities. There are volunteer programs, and friends and neighbors who need help. Activities that feed the soul, build personal satisfaction or add to the community and society allow our senior residents to live life through a larger lens and with more purpose.

To see how we promote senior health and find out the many reasons our residents love living at RoyalOaks, call (623) 246-4985.

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