Lifelong Wellness

September 28, 2021

Lifelong Wellness

At Royal Oaks, residents have all the resources they need for fitness and lifelong wellness, and it is all under one roof. Our WellFit Department is there to keep residents motivated, to stay active, try new fitness opportunities, eat a sensible diet, get regular check-ups, keep learning, and incorporate spirituality.

Wendy Carriveau, WellFit Fitness Supervisor and LifePlan Coach have been at Royal Oaks since 2012. She meets with residents to discuss the 7 Dimensions of Wellness, a plan for staying active and healthy. The goal is to help educate you on your current health status and guide you to better health the natural way. We believe that health and wellness are essential to every aspect of our lives. If you’re eating the right foods and exercising regularly, then your mind, body, and spirit will remain strong throughout your lifespan.

At Royal Oaks, we offer a variety of classes ranging from Aerobics, Fit for Life, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Chair Yoga, Zumba Gold, Balance, and Strength.  And we have resident organized groups like Clogging, Wii Bowling, Ping-Pong, Water Volleyball, Line Dancing, and Corn Bag Toss. These classes are a way to make exercising and being healthy fun!  

We invite you to join us at one of our classes! Did you know that Club Connect members can use our Fitness Center complimentary as part of their membership? To learn more about 7 Dimensions of Wellness call (623) 933-2807.

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