Powerful words from a Royal Oaks resident to our CEO

June 19, 2017

Powerful words from a Royal Oaks resident to our CEO

Dear Kendra, As you likely already know, that I have had two recent stays in the Care Center at Royal Oaks. These were after I had been in the hospital three times. I was reassured about many things during my stay in the Care Center here. The nurses and others were kind and desiring to help me “get better.”

Although I was (I think) not as dependent as others in the Care Center, I still needed specific help at specific times, and as I got to know the nurses and care givers better, I developed a trusting and mutually friendly relationship with many of the staff. It was so good to know that I could be admitted when I was unable to take care of myself at home, two different times! Also both Colleen and Rebekah from the Wellness Center came to my house to help figure out what might be done to help me when I was overwhelmed. They both took the time to help me figure out what to do on each of their several visits.

I appreciated the meals served three times a day there, and food choices which made it easy to vary the choices. When one is weakened and often extremely hungry, the dining room was a source of much needed nourishment, plus socializing with friends from out of the past!

Royal Oaks Care Center proved to be a haven for me when I needed it most! Since I returned to my Garden Home on June 1, I have been able to manage with less help from others who live here, several in my neighborhood!

Wanted you to know that Royal Oaks really has come through for me when I needed it the most! My family are also both grateful and gratified, as well! Thankfully I am now well on my way to recovery.

Thanks to you and all the folks here…Security, maintenance, tray delivery staff, and others!

May God continue to bless Royal Oaks and keep her flag flying!

Marilee M. Reetz

10 year resident!

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