Royal Oaks honored by the AHA's Workplace Health Achievement Index

October 27, 2017

Royal Oaks honored by the AHA's Workplace Health Achievement Index

Some healthy competition may be just what companies need to help their employees achieve healthier, longer and more productive lives. That’s the idea behind the American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index. The Index provides an evidence-based approach to measure the comprehensiveness and quality of workplace health programs. It also measures the overall heart health of their employees. Companies can attain gold, silver and bronze status based on how well they meet the American Heart Association’s criteria for implementing high-quality health policies, programs and environmental supports toward a healthier workforce. Royal Oaks (People of Faith, DBA Royal Oaks) attained the silver status.

Employees at Royal Oaks enjoy free access to our state-of-the-art Evergreen Fitness Center, including dozens of monthly classes, indoor and outdoor pools, and personalized fitness regimes. Throughout the year, special fitness events are held for employees on campus to help them achieve and maintain fitness and wellness goals. The employee cafe includes heart-healthy options. Staff members are rewarded monthly through our Wellness Program, where logs of activity and healthy habits contribute to award points, which can be redeemed for exercise shoes, Fitbits, massages, pedicures, and other gifts.

Accepting the award from the American Heart Association are members of our management and fitness teams: from left, Christine Lang, Dina Capek, Carey Altgilbers, Wendy Warchock, Janet Adams, and Gretchen Cobb.

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