Mesquite apartment: 2 bedroom and plenty of room for a grand piano

August 13, 2018

Mesquite apartment: 2 bedroom and plenty of room for a grand piano

The 1,000 sq. ft. Mesquite apartment belies the true space in this popular two-bedroom, two-bath apartment. Designed to maximize space, the apartment includes no hallways, leaving ample room for hobbies, like your piano or tech devices.

Ruth Flom, Royal Oaks resident since 2009, started out at Royal Oaks in one of our garden homes and then moved to the Mesquite apartment upon encouragement of her many friends here. “I was concerned that my grand piano wouldn’t fit but the large living room gives me plenty of space for it. Plus, I like being closer to the social life in the main apartment building–always someone offering up a glass of wine or a group of us spontaneously heading out for dinner.”

When Janice and Dave Daniel moved to Royal Oaks from Mesquite, Nevada, they decided to opt for the Mesquite as a temporary location until a Camellia apartment became available. “It was a coincidence that the apartment we chose and the city we came from had the same name–it must have been meant to be!”

Whether or not fate had a role, the couple has now decided the Mesquite fits them just fine and are adding some additional cabinetry to extend the kitchen, even though Janice has vowed to give up cooking.

As soon as they moved into Royal Oaks two years ago, they jumped into volunteering here. Dave heads up the monthly birthday breakfasts and Janice is one of our computer superstars, setting up Alexa devices for residents, instructing in portal usage, teaching classes on how to use tablets and other smart devices, and much more.

The focus on using technology to improve lives is a focus for Royal Oaks. In construction right now on campus is the Mesquite Smart Home. Voice activated lights, thermostat, window blinds, TVs, and more will be showcased in this apartment. Plus some surprises–like cute robots that make life easier or provide companionship. Royal Oaks plans to unveil the Smart Home this fall so stay tuned for the special event when it’s ready for showing off!

If you can’t wait for the Smart Home reveal, we welcome your visit at any time. Call 623-815-4132 to arrange a personal tour of any of our 23 floor plans, ranging in size from 650 sq. ft. to 1900 sq. ft.

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