What to expect when you visit Royal Oaks

May 17, 2019

What to expect when you visit Royal Oaks

From the time you drive into our lushly landscaped campus, we know you are trying to picture yourself living here. Whether it’s your first visit or you’ve been numerous times to visit friends, our goal is to provide you all the information so you can make the best decision for you. And that starts with your initial phone call into our Marketing office.


The first step in visiting Royal Oaks is typically a phone call. During this initial conversation, we will answer any questions you have and provide a brief description of what it means to be a Life Plan Community, including how it differs from rental communities. If Lifecare is something you’re unfamiliar with, we’re happy to send you additional information via email or mail for you to review and absorb at your leisure. Most people with whom we speak are not familiar with Lifecare and find the educational materials helpful not only in deciding if this is the right community for you, but also as a basis for helping to identify questions you’d like to ask in person.

Meeting Our Team

When you arrive for your tour, you should expect a comfortable discussion with Vicki, Heather, or Kerri (Marketing team members) about yourself, your family, and the time frame that you would anticipate a move. We encourage you to explore any topic with us that is on your mind, and your questions will be fully answered—everything from financial to meal plans are covered. The overall goal for your visit is for you to determine whether or not Royal Oaks is the right fit for you. Because of that, our team never tries to have you make an immediate decision. After our conversation, the fun part—the tour—begins!

Based on the information you’ve shared with us, such as your current living situation and the size of apartment or home you’d consider moving into, we’ll show you floor plans of residences that we believe would best serve your needs. You’ll tell us which floor plans appeal to you, and we’ll create a customized tour suited for your preferences.

We’ll start the tour by showing you the restaurants, lounge, game rooms, social areas, the woodshop, gallery, auditorium, the two pools, the fitness center, and the higher levels of living. The next part is the best part – residences! If a particular residence you’re interested in isn’t currently available, we’ll arrange a second visit for you when you can see residents’ homes that match your desire. Should you choose to wait for a residence that isn’t currently available, you can opt to join our Club Connect group and begin experiencing life at Royal Oaks through meals, activities, and events. It’s a great way to see how you fit in!

After the Tour

Once we’ve explored the available residences, we’ll regroup in the marketing office and discuss next steps. Our Residency Counselors are friendly, open and never pushy, realizing it is a big decision to move and you need to explore all the options. Our team will suggest you visit other communities, and pop by our bistro, the Acorn Grill, which is open to the public, to strike up conversations with residents. The most important aspect is making sure you move somewhere that “feels like home,” and if that isn’t Royal Oaks, that’s okay. Our wish for you is to be happy with your decision.

You can do all kinds of internet research on Life Plan Communities but there is no substitute for walking around and observing, asking lots of questions, and generally getting a feel for the place. Are the residents friendly? Do the staff members have smiles on their faces? Are your calls and emails returned promptly? Is top management accessible if you ask to visit with them? We invite you to explore our entire 50+ acre community and see if “it feels like home” to you! Call us at 623-815-4132 to arrange a personal visit, or pop on by and grab some delicious food at the Acorn Grill – we’d love to meet you!

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