What's Included in a Monthly Service Package?

October 8, 2018

What's Included in a Monthly Service Package?

Imagine your life without the headaches and hassle of hiring a roofer, paying the gardener, cleaning up after a storm, hunting down a pool cleaner, dealing with appliance repair, background checking a housekeeper, arranging transportation when you can’t drive, and figuring out how to cook and serve nutritious and tasty meals. Whew! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Is living at Royal Oaks REALLY that stress-free? The easy answer is. . . YES!

Let’s start with food. Senior communities like Royal Oaks got smart years ago and hired Executive Chefs with resort training. We take pride in offering our residents delicious meals. In fact, at Royal Oaks, options abound! Do you want to grab a quick burger or pizza . . .and maybe even take it to go and enjoy it in one of our garden spaces? Head to our Acorn Grill, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Gloria, the Grill Manager, will ensure the omelet or Rubin you order is perfect. Do you prefer a sit-down, served meal with options galore from a fresh salad-bar? The Oak Room is the place for a nice steak, chicken, or your favorite vegetarian meal. Or is it time for a swanky steak-and-lobster meal, complete with wine pairings? Anthony, the maître-de at our upscale Arbors Restaurant, will delight you and Chef Michael will tantalize your taste buds. Unwind before your scrumptious dinner at The Cactus Pub, where a full-service bar awaits. Mark Schroeder, our Dining Services Director, aims to please at every juncture. Your Monthly Service Package comes with a bucket of money each month to eat at any restaurant on campus.

The Monthly Service Package at Royal Oaks includes services that makes living here just downright a pleasure.

Christine Lang, our Facilities Director (and a Certified Facility Manager), manages a team that includes landscapers, maintenance specialists, HVAC experts, housekeepers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, problem solvers, and very personable drivers who transport our residents for fun and necessity.

If your refrigerator fails, a new one is installed by Bill, Vid, Gregg, or one of the other skilled Facility Staff members. Randy, head of landscaping, has a crew that keeps the grounds impeccable and works with residents in garden homes on what they would prefer in their yards. Angela, our energizer bunny, is the manager over the gaggle of housekeepers who spit-shine our property and your home. No need to price-compare on what it would cost to get your windows cleaned—it’s done automatically for you without you having to ask. Same with carpet, screens, and your entire home. We are often complimented on how clean and beautiful the common areas are—and our residents wouldn’t have it any other way. Laundering sheets and towels is no longer a back-breaking hassle—because we do it for you weekly and deliver everything freshly folded back to you.

Crank up the AC or heat or take that extra-long shower—all utilities are included in your Monthly Service Package. And yes, each residence has individually controlled heat and air conditioning for your personal comfort.

More than 200 channels are delivered to your home TVs via our contract with DirectTV. If you desire HD and DVR capabilities, no problem, because those are included. Sports packages, music channels, and cultural channels are all offered as part of the Monthly Service Package. Ask to see a channel line-up on your visit!

Safety First

A prime reason many people move to Royal Oaks is the security of lifecare and personal safety. We are a gated community and our Security staff members are also EMTs. They respond to all emergencies and assess the situation, calling 911 or providing the medical assistance on-site, if necessary. They are summoned by the call buttons in all bedrooms and bathrooms in the residents’ homes or through voice activation by Alexa and a smart phone.

We believe technology plays an important element in helping people live fuller lives, and an Alexa personal assistant is provided in each residence. A great group of residents, the Help Squad, train residents in the use and set-up of all kinds of smart devices.

One of the best things people can do is maintain their balance, avoiding falls that lead to complications. No one knows this better than Wendy, our fitness professional in the Evergreen Fitness Center. Dozens of monthly classes are offered, at no additional cost, to help keep you balanced, preserve your limberness, have fun, and stay in shape. Try water volleyball in our indoor pool to charge up the laughter muscles, or Zumba to get silly and stay fit. We even do tai chi in the outdoor walking pool! Wendy not only teaches the classes, but helps residents navigate the strength-building and aerobic equipment to achieve their goals.

We have five full-time activity coordinators in our various buildings, whose mission to keep boredom at bay. Jump on one of our activity buses and head to music, cultural, or sporting events. The auditorium and other rooms in our Life Enrichment Center hops with dancing, tunes, Wii Sports, lectures, cards, and other happenings. The daily calendar is so full that our residents say if you can’t find something to do here, it’s because you’re not looking! A quick click into the resident portal shows literally hundreds of activities and events over the next six months, most of which are complimentary. Talk to Nada, Mandy, Maria, Malyssa, or Karen if you’d like to start a new activity.

Creative types head to our Gallery and Wood Shop. Learning Tree and VitalTree (two resident-run, lifelong learning programs) offer lectures and classes for the mind, body, and spirit. Rance, our Chaplain, not only leads group spiritual conversations but is available for one-on-ones, too. Avid bookworms will not only enjoy our book clubs but the convenience of clicking or swiping onto the resident portal to see what new hardbacks have come into our extensive library. The librarians, all residents, have computerized the inventory so you know what has been added. An endowment bequeathed by a book-loving resident keeps the library current with the latest reads.

A portion of your Monthly Service Package is for your long-term-care, the reason most people gravitate toward a Life Plan Community. Refundable and non-refundable plans are available for Type A lifecare and a refundable plan for Type B lifecare is also offered, attractive to some who wish to keep long-term-care policies. The beauty of Type A lifecare is that you can be assured your monthly fee won’t skyrocket to care rates because you’ve already planned ahead by entering a lifecare community. Yes, your Monthly Service Package stays level and low, even if both you and your spouse need a higher level of living.

Our residents share many special moments and memories within our gates. It is a place we all are proud to work in, live at, visit and share with family and friends. Come feel the magic by taking a personal tour. Call 623-815-4132.

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