What's the Difference between a 55+ Community and Royal Oaks?

August 13, 2018

What's the Difference between a 55+ Community and Royal Oaks?

Many retirees have heard about, and perhaps considered moving to a 55+ community – with services and amenities designed to make life easier, there’s a definite appeal. However, not as many retirees are aware of communities like Royal Oaks, where you live independently in homes or apartments in a large neighborhood setting and all maintenance is done for you, fitness opportunities abound, chef-prepared meals are included, activities galore beckon (poker anyone? wine club before Happy Hour? how about line dancing?), and transportation for fun and necessity are just a phone call away. The main difference between Royal Oaks and a 55+ community is that here, assisted living, memory support, and nursing care are tucked into the campus in the event your health needs ever require it. If the services and amenities of a 55+ community appeal to you, we encourage you to check out CCRCs, also known as Life Plan communities, which offer the services and amenities, plus the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your community is equipped to provide on-campus long-term care or nursing care services if and when you should need them.

Royal Oaks is a not-for-profit Life Plan Community and offers an abundance of options for living, wellness, and care. The key concept is that a resident will never need to move again, regardless of healthcare needs that may arise over time. And if you run out of funds because you outlive your money, our not-for-profit Foundation pays your monthly service package so you will always live in a splendid environment. Read more about for-profit vs. not-for-profit retirement communities.

Royal Oaks has numerous advantages that 55+ communities and even other Life Plan communities don’t offer. For example, upon returning from a hospital stay, our Medicare providers on campus are available to get you back on your feet. It’s easy heading upstairs to our on-site dental clinic, and joining in a balance or yoga class in our Fitness Center may help keep you from repeating a hospital visit. The RNs who staff our wellness centers have a mission to keep you independent and provide services and suggestions along those lines. Our 24-hour security staff professionals are also EMTs, assisting with small or less-small emergencies that may arise. If you need more help, temporarily or permanently, all those services and center are here on our 50+ acre campus.

In a Life Plan Community, you pay a one-time entrance fee and a monthly fee that does not increase as you or your spouse need a higher level of living. You can live in luxury without worrying about running out of money due to ever-rising long-term-care costs. An exploratory visit with us will explain the various financial options, allowing if you have long-term-care insurance, and other factors in your unique situation.

Read what just one resident said:

“After we retired, we spent a few years living on a boat, and then we moved to Sun City Grand,” explains Ken Pierick, a Royal Oaks resident who moved in with wife Carol in 2013.

“We can honestly say that Royal Oaks offers us the freedom of independence that we had when living in Grand but life is so much easier here. I still head up many musical activities, just like I did at Grand, and am actively involved in our hearing assistance program, helping hearing-impaired residents by installing devices that contribute to a higher quality of life. And always-social Carol jumped right in with her needlework, forming new groups with similar talent. No roof repair, no yard maintenance, no appliances to buy if one breaks, we don’t even have to change our own light bulbs! The social opportunities over dinner and cocktails have resulted in making new lifelong friends, although we still keep in touch with our Grand neighborhood, too. Carol’s recent health problems have made our decision to move in sooner rather than later truly a blessing. We’re still able to maintain our life together (60 years of marriage this year!) and have the support of all Royal Oaks amenities and services, along with the residents and staff. I want to tell everyone that they should be looking at Royal Oaks now, while they are still able to enjoy the great amenities offered here. Royal Oaks’ mantra is to spoil us while we’re independent and then take really good care of us when we require it. I can attest that they fulfill that mission over and over.” Watch the video interview with Ken and Carol

We invite you to visit and speak with residents like Ken and Carol and many others who often say, “I wish I had moved in five years before I did.”

Call 623-815-4132 to arrange a personal visit, linger over a meal, and discover why a Life Plan Community may be right for you.

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