Whether you exercise biceps or smile muscles, just keep on moving

August 15, 2019

Whether you exercise biceps or smile muscles, just keep on moving

What do our “wellness” professionals do? On the Royal Oaks campus, it’s keeping residents and staff motivated to stay active, try new fitness opportunities, eat a sensible diet, get regular check-ups, keep learning, and incorporate spirituality. Wendy Warchock, our fitness professional in the Evergreen Fitness Center, is quite proud of the many exercise classes and group opportunities to be physically active. On average, Wendy conducts or coordinates 100 group fitness opportunities in our Motion Studio and Indoor Pool per month. This is in addition to instructors who travel to other buildings on our 50-acre campus, giving an average of 32 classes per month. That is a total of 132 fitness classes per month that are complimentary to residents and staff.

Take your pick! Fit for Life, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Chair Yoga, Zumba Gold, Balance, Strength and a Men’s Only Class are just a few of the popular choices. Additionally, residents have organized groups for Clogging, Wii Bowling, Ping-Pong, Water Volleyball, Line Dancing and Corn Bag Toss. Some of those exercise the smile muscles more than the biceps but that’s OK, too. Laughing promotes circulation and happier people live longer! As long as residents are moving, we applaud them!

Finding a New Passion at Royal Oaks

Floyd Chmelka has long been an advocate for fitness, and considered himself primarily a runner for more than 40 years. After moving to Royal Oaks in 2014, if the heat prevented him from running around the property, he could be found in the Motion Studio jump roping or lifting weights. About two years ago, at the age of 85, he reluctantly started taking group classes to support his wife, Jackie. She finds that the NuStep is the best exercise for her, and Floyd was surprised to see that he found enjoyment and camaraderie in the group classes. He now attends four classes per week, supplementing his regular fitness routine in the gym.

“I never considered myself a group fitness kind of guy,” said Floyd. “Now I feel even better by changing up my routine and I’m not bored. And I found jump roping improves my reflexes and, I hope, it has made me a better ping pong player. Benefits, benefits!”

One of the classes Floyd really enjoys is Total Body Fitness. Posture and Balance Essentials and Fitness Basics are also part of his repertoire, as is Chair Yoga. He does spend time nearly every day in the gym, either in a class or working out on his own.

A retired computer programmer, Floyd has hiked the Grand Canyon about 50 times. He and Jackie raised their two sons in Arizona and hiking was a family passion. He has hiked the Canyon rim-to-rim three times and about 50 times on smaller hikes. “I’m not what you would call really well coordinated,” Floyd jokes. “I just like the feeling I get after exercising.”

We invite you to join Floyd in our classes! Did you know that Club Connect members can use our Fitness Center complimentary as part of their membership? Call 623-815-4132 for more information.

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