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Eleganta Pointe at Royal Oaks: Quality Long-Term Care – All in One Place.

Your health needs may change during your time at Royal Oaks. The breadth and depth of care and services available on campus eliminates your need to relocate or even your need to go off-site for medical appointments. Whether you are seeking independent living, or require a higher level of living, you will remain surrounded by your resident community and familiar staff. Friends and loved ones who live in different locations on campus can easily visit. All levels of Eleganta Pointe are available to non-residents on a monthly fee basis.

Personalized Assisted Living.

The Eleganta Pointe Apartments provide continued independence in a safe and monitored environment with easy access to campus amenities and connected by covered walkways to our independent living apartments. Spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments, a total of 59, with kitchenettes and extra-large bathrooms have the added value of assistance just moments away. Certified caregivers are available 24/7 to provide stand-by and hands-on help depending on individual needs, enabling those who live here to continue their favorite activities and stay connected to the community they call home.

Royal Oaks Senior Living Hero Cover Image, Sun City
Royal Oaks Senior Living Cover Image, Sun City

Award-Winning Memory Support.

For more than three decades, Royal Oaks has provided innovative care thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of people with memory loss and their families. We set the bar high when we opened the Eleganta Pointe Memory Care Center, winning the 2016 Leading Age/Arizona award for Innovation in Environmental Design. High ceilings, lots of light, space to roam indoors and out, and an advanced monitoring system create a sense of openness and freedom. Inviting kitchens and living rooms anchor each home with private rooms and private bathrooms for each resident, and nursing stations are tucked in between neighborhoods so as not to disrupt the natural home setting. In this beautiful, reassuring space, and with the support and friendship of caregivers they trust, residents feel confident to explore new and favorite activities, interact with family and other residents, and live their best life.

Complete Supportive Living.

The Eleganta Pointe Care Center for Complete Supportive Living offers 57 private suites with private baths. This Center offers nursing care such as short-term respite and long-term Complete Supportive Living as well as physical, occupational and speech therapy. In most cases, residents do not have to be transported off-site for therapy, making recuperation less stressful. Faster healing occurs when our residents residing in our Care Center are engaged, active, social, entertained, and take time to relax. Many find the patio overlooking the rose garden to be a soothing place to sit. Just like all over our campus, a plethora of activities and events round out the days – there is something for everyone.

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Outstanding Care and Communications.

Eleganta Pointe is staffed around the clock by nurses and certified caregivers who provide daily assistance as well as support and encouragement to residents. Activity Coordinators keep everyone engaged with activities and events, and the managers identify each resident’s individual needs. Communication is one of our strengths campus-wide. In Eleganta Pointe, Caremerge is used widely to increase family engagement. Find out more about Caremerge and how it benefits residents and their loved ones by viewing this short video. Non-Royal Oaks residents can also reside in Eleganta Pointe under a monthly fee basis.

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Our New Care Center in Development.

To enhance health services on our campus, a state-of-the-art care center is being built to replace our Care Center within Eleganta Pointe. Sixty private suites for our residents needing the highest level of living will round out the 56 private memory care suites and the 59 assisted living apartments.

This neighborhood of health services will also include The Vida Center, the heart of healing in our community, housing a pool for therapy and aquatic activities, a rehab gym, and offices for our health providers. For our residents’ convenience, we have provided office/therapy space for our home care, physical, occupational and speech therapy partners, physician, dermatologist, podiatrist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, reflexologist, and massage therapy. The Midwestern University’s 3-chair dental clinic is in an adjacent building.