Continuing Care for Future Peace of Mind

Royal Oaks is the only full Life Plan community in Sun City. Lifecare is available to people in Independent Living and is included in the one-time entrance fee and regular monthly fee. The prerequisites to entering into a Lifecare contract in our Life Plan community are the ability to live independently when you move into Royal Oaks and meet the financial requirements.

Lifecare guarantees comprehensive amenities plus priority access to long-term care and assisted living without a jump to “nursing home market rates” in your monthly service fee. It’s a pay-one-price concept for a controlled cost. For seniors and their families, Lifecare at Royal Oaks CCRC in Sun City is the ideal way to ensure financial security and not worry about “outliving your money.”

Lifecare is a welcome alternative to the costs of other long-term care options, which can easily exceed $100,000 a year. As an added bonus, both the entrance and monthly fees are partially tax-deductible – a benefit you will want to explore to the fullest! This article from Smart Money Magazine (this article is no longer available) offers a good explanation of this benefit.

As a continuing care retirement community, Royal Oaks offers a full range of care: wellness clinic, home health services, assisted living, memory support, and complete supportive living. Through any physical challenge, you or your loved one can remain surrounded by the resident community and our compassionate staff. This removes the uncertainty of having to relocate during the pressure of changes in health.

Our residents are like family to us and we strive to maintain a quality of living and caring environment that “feels like home.” Our incredible staff focuses on assisting residents by giving attention to the details that make the difference between good care and high quality care.

To learn more about Royal Oaks Lifecare community in Sun City, contact us today. Or, please call us at 623-815-4132.